Ribao Global-1000 UV/MG Money Value Counter and Currency Discriminator



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Ribao Global-1000UV/MG Fully Automatic Money Value Counter and Currency Discriminator

The Global 1000UV/MG Mixed Bill Counter and Currency Discriminator is an Intelligent, user friendly, fully Automatic Money Value Counter and Currency Sorter that simply stated " tells you the Value " or the total of the amount of money that you run through and all you have to do is feed your bills into it. You can put bills into this Counter in a Mixed and non-Oriented order. You DO NOT have to pre-sort (put all the bills of one denomination together " e.g. all the $1 Dollar bills together) or Orient (i.e. face the bills in any set direction e.g. all bills facing front and right side up) before you put them into this Intelligent Currency Counter for it to give you a total amount. You do not have to push denomination buttons before counting each denomination. This Counter does the sensing and the thinking.

If you handle significant amounts of paper money or cash and:

Need to quickly verify cash amounts of money you receive;
Need to check money already sorted for miss-sorts;
Need to eliminate human error when counting money;
Need to reduce money-counting time;
Need to eliminate the stress and tedium of counting money;
Need to get an accurate verification of cash amounts; then -

You need the Global 1000 Fully Automatic Money Value Counter. (You may also want to look at one of our other Fully Automatic Money Value / Mixed Bill Counters).

As an example - you can feed into The Global 1000 Fully Automatic Money Value Counter bills in this order and in the following denominations: $1, $5, $1, $20, and $5 and the Global 1000 will display the total of $32.00 and give you a total value for each denomination and the number of bills of each denomination that you put through the Counter. You can put bills into this Counter upside down and/or backwards and the Global 1000 with advanced technology will give you quick and accurate Value Counting, Batching and Bank Deposit Readying of un-sorted banknotes without interruption. This Mixed Bill Counter recognizes all US bills in circulation. During the Mixed Bill Counting Process, counted bills are scanned, read and recognized for counterfeit bill characteristics using ultra violet, and magnetic detection. The Global 1000 Money Value Counter includes a Menu driven easy to use Operator Panel and has an optional printer available for reports. Bills of one bill denomination can be separated (sorted) out or batched during the count process. The Large, Blue Backlit Liquid Crystal Display shows all denominations counted by unit and dollar value including a Grand Total. The Global 1000 is a quick, efficient and accurate way to count, sort and batch bill where the denominations are not sorted and are mixed together.

The Global 1000 Currency Counter is capable of Value Counting any currency - on a built to order basis unless in stock. Global 1000 Money Value Counters are presently available to count: Western Africa Banknotes, Kuwait Dinars, Euros, Swiss Francs, Malaysian Ringgit Banknotes, Australian Dollars, and Japanese Yen. Each Global 1000UV/MG Mixed Bill Counter - can be programed to count a single currency per machine. If you need to count several types of currencies on a single machine - then look at our SB-1000 and Shark models (Count up to three (3) currencies on the Shark.)

Take advantage of our broad selection of Currency Counters to invest in the one suitable for your needs. All are available with and without Counterfeit Bill Detection and in either 110V and/or 220V.

Our Manual Money Value Counters require a user to Pre-Sort Bills by Denomination. These Currency Counters can give you a Bill Count " and you calculate the Money Value. Look at the ERC-10, ERC-30, Ribao BC-100, Ribao BC-110, Ribao BC-300, and Ribao BC-1000, Kobell 8750 and 8760, and Billcon N Series of Currency Counters.

Our Semi Automatic Money Value Counters also require a user to Pre-Sort Bills by Denomination " and the Counter calculates the Money Value. Before each group of Pre-Sorted Bills is counted the user pushes a button dedicated to that groups Denomination Value. For example, before counting $5 Bills, the user pushes the $5 Denomination Button. Look at our Global JM-80 series of Currency Counters.

Our Fully Automatic Money Value Counters do not require a user to Pre-Sort, Pre-Orient Bills " or Push Denomination Keys to get the Value of the money being counted. These Currency Counters will do that work. The Global 1000, ERC-SB-1000UV/MG and Billcon D551 are Fully Automatic Money Value Counters.

Three Counting modes:

  • Mixed Counting " Counts mixed currency without presorting and gives individual counts and values
  • Mixed Sorting " Counts one denomination and stops on any other denomination
  • Piece Counting " Standard piece counting

    Detects and counts all US denominations

    Three counterfeit modes:
  • UVD " Ultra -Violet Detection
  • MGD " Magnetic Detection
  • IRD " Infrared Detection (Non USD)


  • Counts up to 1,600 notes per minute
  • Large blue backlit LCD
  • Small footprint
  • Portable with Built in Handle
  • Preset and manual batch settings
  • Intelligent detection of misfeeds
  • Manual value input of worn bills
  • RS232 port
  • Updateable if and when new bills are placed in circulation
  • Optional printer available


  • Feed Method: Roller Friction
  • Counting Speed: Three Speeds: 1600 " 1000 " 600 / Notes Per Minute
  • Hopper Capacity: Approximately 400 Notes
  • Stacker Capacity: Approximately 200 Notes
  • Power Source: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz. There is a switch on the back of the Counter.
  • Power Consumption: 55W
  • Net Weight: 12.1 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.7 x 9.3 x 9.4 Inches / 272 x 235x 239 millimeters

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Part #: TF100