Ribao D-1200 One Pocket Mixed Bill Counter and Sorter - Currency Discriminator



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Ribao D-1200 One Pocket Money Discriminating Currency Counter - 1 Pocket

The Ribao D-1200 One Pocket Discriminator will count most world currencies, and can detect the difference between different bill denominations. It will count and add the value of mixed currency and offers a very high level of counterfeit detection.

The Ribao D-1200 Discriminator provides fast, accurate bill counting of mixed denominations, intelligently detecting any misfed notes. It offers 5 levels of counterfeit detection to ensure all bills are authentic; UV (ultra violet), MG (magnetic), MT (metal thread), 3D (bill dimensions), and IR (infra red). It has a large hopper capacity of up to 500 bills, and a note stacker capacity of 200 bills, so the machine does not require constant attention from the operator.

Three counting modes allow for Mixed Counting to obtain the value of a stack of bills of multiple denominations, Mixed Sorting to only count bills of a certain denomination (the machine will stop to allow anything other than the specified bill to be removed), or Piece Counting to count a stack of bills disregarding denomination (ideal if presorted bills in large quantities need to be counted). This machine replaces the D-1000, and is redesigned and improved to allow the reading sensor to be cleaned by the user without opening the cover and reducing maintenance needs. Ribao offers a 90 day parts and labor warranty.

The Ribao D-1200 One Pocket Discriminator is ideal for large retail businesses or churches, or small to medium banks or casinos that have moderately large sums of cash that they want counted with value, without having to sort prior to counting.

  • UV, MG, MT, 3D, and IR counterfeit detection for precise bill authentication
  • Variable speed counter can operate at up to 1900 bills per minute
  • Hopper holds up to 500 new bills; stacker holds up to 200 bills
  • Detects double/chain/half and jammed notes for accurate counting
  • Accepts wide range of bill sizes, making it usable with most world currencies
  • Without presorting bills, machine can obtain value of mixed denomination bill stacks
  • Preset or manual batch settings
  • Large blue backlit LCD display
  • RS232 port; Optional printer available

Counter Speed600/ 900/ 1200/ 1500/ 1900 Notes per minute
Hopper Capacity 500 Notes
Notes Stacker Capacity 200 Notes
Min. Note Size 2" x 3.5"
Max. Note Size 4" x 7.25"
Upper Pocket Capacity N/A
Variable SpeedYes
Add Function Yes
Magnetic Detection Yes
UV Detection Yes
Dimensions (LxWxH) 10 7/10" x 9 2/5" x 9"
Product Weight 13 lbs


Manufacturer Part #: D1200