ERC SB-1000 M/U Mixed Bill Counter and Currency Discriminator



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ERC SB-1000 M\U Advanced Mixed Bill Counter and Sorter / Currency Discriminator / Value Counter

The ERC SB-1000 is an intelligent and reliable "Mixed" Bill Counter and Currency Discriminator using advanced image processing technology that provides faster and more accurate Money Value Counting, counting, batching and deposit processing of un-sorted banknotes without interruption.

The SB-1000 design incorporates "resident memory" bill images for all U.S. bills. During the counting process, counted bills are compared to the built in images and are scanned for counterfeit attributes using ultra violet and magnetic detection (Advanced Model with Counterfeit Bill Detection).

The SB-1000 currency counter includes a menu driven easy to use operator panel and an optional printer is available for reporting. Additionally, the "two pocket" configuration allows one bill denomination to be separated out or batched during the count process. The large, clear LED display shows all denominations counted by unit and dollar value including a grand total. By far, the SB-1000 is the most accurate way to count, sort and batch mixed bills.

  • Adaptations and modifications are available allowing you to work with other currencies - including counterfeit bill detection capability - at additional cost. Multiple currencies can be placed on each SB-1000. .

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Part #: SHARK
    Dimensions (LxWxH): 13.00in. x 13.00in. x 12.00in.


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    this machine is too good and i would like to get its bronchure to market it here in uganda please do send it to this e mail the machine is SB-1000 M

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