IPS 1/8 Inch Industrial Crusher, Conveyor Shredder 20B-1/8



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The IPS 20B-1/8 is a high capacity shredder designed for heavy industrial applications, reducing large volumes of paper, magazines, corrugated boxes, foils, film, and plastics into 1/8" strips. The material passes along the power conveyor until it meets with the compression roller. The compression roller automatically flattens cartons, boxes, and other bulky material preparing it to be fed in to the shredder opening. A "reel type" cutting cylinder works like a windmill tearing into corrugated material, PET and PVC beverage containers. The knife mill disintegrator tears into 300 sheets per pass. Cutting is accomplished by the bevel-shear principle, which cuts paper without generating excessive dust, and requires minimum power. The 10 horsepower motor works hard to shred up to 4,000 pounds of material. Container to catch shredded material not included.


Manufacturer Part #: 20B-18
Dimensions (LxWxH): 80.00in. x 42.00in. x 54.00in.