IPS Knife Mill Departmental 1/8 Inch Shredder 16D-1/8



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The IPS 16D-1/8 is a compact, knife mill disintegration model for heavy-duty specialized departmental needs. It easily destroys paper, plastic, corrugated boxes, wire, metal and newspapers, cutting the material into 1/8" strips. A pinch style conveyor system compresses corrugated material, PET and PVC beverage containers. The material is then force fed into the shredder where it is reduced to 1/8" shred sized particles. It has a box-like design that saves office space and rolls on casters for office mobility. Waste volume is limited only by shred bag or output hopper size. The 16D-1/8 is capable of cutting up to 110 feet per minute for fast shredding operations. Optional spare knives and filtering screens are available.


Manufacturer Part #: 16D-18
Dimensions (LxWxH): 26.00in. x 28.00in. x 43.00in.