Foster Keencut Simplex 160 Inch Precision Cutter



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Simplex 160 Inch Precision Cutter

Keencut Simplex"s innovative design offers exact accuracy for general purpose cutting of wide format materials up to 3.1mtrs wide. Keencut Simplex features a straightness guarantee of 1.00mm, or 1:3000 over the length of the cutter bar, Simplex is an economical alternative to the Keencut Javelin where less extreme accuracy is required.

Keencut Simplex is lightweight, portable, and perfect for cutting PVC Foamboard, Vinyl, Woven Fabrics, Foam Centred Board, Honeycomb and Corrugated Plastics, Film, Paper, Tissue and many more flexible and rigid display materials.

The Simplex uses utility knife blades and features blade depth adjustment and a spring-loaded blade ejector as standard. The utility blades will cut to a depth of 10mm (0.4"). the patented linear bearings have been tested under load for 1600km (1000 miles) and carry a 20 year guarantee. Full length silicon rubber grip strips ensure all work is clamped when cutting and also protect the surface of the material being cut.

  • Rear loading blade holder for swift replacement; blades will never pull out in heavy materials
  • Fully equipped and ready to work with blades included. Accepts standard utility blades
  • The lightweight extrusion design makes the Simplex an ideal general purpose cutter
  • Quick fit thread cap for easy accessory attachment
  • Blade locking thumb screw adds safety and convenience
  • Rotating knob for ultra-fine blade depth adjustment
  • Two full length silicone grip cords protect and clamp your materials
  • Safe and efficient blade ejector also doubles as a cut depth gauge


Manufacturer Part #: 60962