Ribao JM-90UV/MG Cash Counter with Counterfeit Detection



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Ribao JM-90 UV/MG Money Bill Counting Machine with Ultraviolet and Magnetic Counterfeit Detection

The Global JM-90UV/MG Cash Counter and Bill Counter with Money Value Counting capability is an economically priced versatile FRONT and TOP LOADING Money Counter with Ultra Violet and Magnetic Counterfeit Bill Detection capability. It will detect suspicious fake bills. It is easier to use and MORE user friendly than Rear Loading Bill Counters.

A Stack of Bills placed in the 500 bill capacity, Extra Large Feed Hopper, to be counted feeds from the bottom of the Stack into the Counter, allowing the user to continue to add bills to the top of the stack for an efficient continuous count. This Cash Counter and Bill Counter is a Bank Quality Cash Counter that counts and can create batches of bills (Size and number of bills chosen by the user.) while counting presorted bills or units. This Currency Counter is a good fit for most businesses and personal users, allowing them to enjoy the savings in time and money made possible by automated cash counting. This Cash Counter is perfect for high volume counting where speed and bank quality counting accuracy is necessary.

The JM-90UV/MG Money Counter has 3 selectable bill counting speeds: 900, 1200 and 1600 bills per minute. Slower speeds are very helpful when counting new money (Run new money through the machine to break the ink between the bills.), old and worn bills (A slower speed can prevent additional damage to bills and minimize the possibility of jamming.) and non currency items like labels or coupons. The slower speeds also allow the user to do a visual check on whether the denominations have been correctly sorted.

The JM-90UV/MG Money Counting Machine comes with a comparatively large, bright, clear, easily readable blue LED display. The user friendly, selectable Value Count feature gives the operator the option of letting the JM-90UV/MG money counter calculate the Value of the bills counted by doing the multiplication of the unit count as each presorted denomination is counted. The extra large hopper 500 bill capacity and the auto sensing power module (AC100 to 240V, 50 /60Hz) are additional features that make this dependable and reliable Bill Counter a useful tool when counting cash.

Models: Retail Price Counting UV MG
JM-90 (Basic) USD 499.00
JM-90 (UV) USD 550.00
JM-90 (UV/MG) USD 799.00


  • Suitable for most Currencies in the world
  • Large LCD display with 7digit count,3 digit batch,3digit message.
  • Easy maintenance with self-diagnostic system.
  • Automatic & Manual Start and Stop.
  • Automatic half-note detection.
  • Double note detection (DEN).
  • Size detection: Width (DD).
  • With batching,adding function.
  • High counting speed: 1600 notes/min.


  • Bank Quality.
  • Sophisticated
  • User Friendly
  • Multi Speed
  • Value Count
  • Counterfeit Optional

    Technical Specifications:
    Feed system: Roller Friction System
    Hopper Capacity: 400 sheets/notes
    Stacker capacity: 200 sheets/notes
    Suitable note: 50x90 ~ 110x185(mm)
    Thickness: 0.075 ~ 0.15(mm)
    Counting speed: 600notes/min, 1000notes/min, 1600notes/min
    Power supply: AC100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60HZ
    Power Consumption: 40W
    Dimension: 272 x 235 x239 mm/ 11 x 9.25 x 9.4 inches.
    Net weight: 5.3kg. 12 lbs.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Part #: JM UVMG