Pro-Cut 26-1/2 Inch Economical Hydraulic Paper Cutter Spartan 265D



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The Pro-Cut Spartan 265D Automatic Paper Cutter is an economical hydraulic paper cutter that can cut paper up to 26-1/2" wide and stacks of paper up to 4" high. Its ability to cut paper widths greater than 25" allows users to save money by buying and cutting their own parent stock. The Pro-Cut 320MPS Automatic Paper Cutter features a hydraulic clamp force and knife force of 5000 lbs. The manual back gauge, soft clamp and variable clamp pressure make it easy for users to control paper alignment and the digital display panel clearly shows the cutting process.


Manufacturer Part #: Spartan 265D
Dimensions (LxWxH): 67.00in. x 45.00in. x 58.00in.