Rotatrim PowerTech Series Rotary Trimmer Replacement Cutting Wheel (69305)



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Replacement Cutting Wheel for Rotatrim PowerTech Series Rotary Trimmers (69305)

These Self-Sharpening, Long Lasting, Rotary Blades or Cutting Wheels, are ground to extremely tight tolerances twice and then deflashed to remove any edge burring.

An initial hollow grind places a concave profile to the inside of the blade and a chisel grind creates an angled bevel edge on the blade for precision and outstanding longevity.

RotaTrim PowerTech Blades are Hand Finished Flat Blades as shown in the illustration above. Crafted to incredible tolerances to two thousandths of an inch.

To ensure accuracy and performance, the blades as mentioned have a bevel ground into the cutting edge at a very precise angle to offer up the perfect contact point for the rotary blade.


Manufacturer Part #: 69305