Standard Level 5 High Security Shredder 3030X5



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The 3030X5 high security paper shredder exceeds the for the NSA's standards for top secret. Features include automatic shut off when the 10 gallon waste container is full, automatic start/stop, and shreds up to 5 sheets at a time. Shredding at a rate of 13 feet per minute, the 3030X5 shredder accepts paper clips, staples, and shreds paper into a size of 1/32"x7/16". The 3030X5 paper shredder is a high security shredder suitable for military, government, defense contractors and any agency that wishes to maintain high reliability along with high-security shredding.


Manufacturer Part #: 3030X5
Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.00in. x 16.00in. x 25.00in.