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Office Equipment Machine Shop is a proud, authorized dealer for a wide array of Money Handling Equipment, Paper Cutters & Trimmers, Time and Attendance Machines, and other office equipment from over 125 well-respected manufacturers including ERC, Lassco Wizer, Neolt, Ribao, and Widmer to name a few. We've spent many years both using and selling equipment from all of the manufacturers we represent, and gladly share our wealth of knowledge with you to ensure that you get the right equipment for the job, at the lowest possible price, with the Best Customer Service in the industry.

Money Counting Machines
Currency Counters, Coin Counters

There are various money handling machines to count, batch, sort, add, align, arrange, denominate, and protect both US and International coins and currency bills. Coin Counters and coin sorters count coins and tokens rapidly with fail-safe accuracy. Bill Counters count the number of currency bills, checks or coupons collected and provide unit counts or numeric dollar totals of the currency counted. Mixed Money Counting Machines are also available for counting and totaling "mixed bills". Counterfeit Detectors identify fake currency using magnetic sensors, ultraviolet bulbs and infra-red light to check for watermarks, magnetic properties and intricate markings. Bill counting machines are a small investment to ensure accurate counting and eliminate the time and errors of manual counting.

If you have questions about any of our Money Handling Equipment, call us toll free at 877-336-6877 or +1 718.859.0917, or send us an e-mail to And, Yes! we can ship all of our products to anywhere in the world!
Paper Handling Equipment
Paper Cutters, Paper Trimmers, etc.

Paper Handling Equipment includes Paper Folders, Paper Joggers, Scoring Machines and more. A Paper Counter counts and may batch, index and print on thousands of sheets at a time. Scorers and Perforators make folding and partial separation easier when working with paper. Paper Carts are used to stack and move loads of paper. Paper Folding machines fold documents and prepare them for mailing. Collators organize papers in proper order. Joggers make stacks of paper, checks, forms or coupons aligned and neat so that they can be processed and most recently prepare them for scanning as we go green.

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Government, School, and Non-Profit Sales

We offer special pricing on office quipment for government agencies, schools, and not- for- profits. This special pricing applies to many of our products. These discounts include a percentage off of our price, or a set discount amount as determined by GSA. Government, School, and Non-Profit customers often enjoy Free Shipping when they buy from us. Special Discount Pricing on certain items are often much lower than the prices published on our web site, so please call us toll free at 877.336.6877 or +1 718.859.0917 for details or send us an e-mail to,

International Shipping
Currency Counters, Paper Trimmers, Paper Drills, Paper Punches, Time and Attendance Machines, etc.

Attention customers in other countries, we are specialists at shipping our office products out of the USA. We regularly ship our Bill Counters, Paper Cutters, Paper Drills, Time Clocks, and every other office equipment product we carry, to banks, casinos, car washes, and every other type of business in countries throughout the world including Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We are experts at dealing with customs and freight companies!

If you have questions about getting your office equipment out of the USA to your country, call us direct at
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