Vacuum Packaging Equipment
Vacuum Sealing Machines are used to evacuate air from staple goods, typically foods, for short and long-term preservation. These Vacuum Sealing Machines are also used for packaging vegatables, meats, fruits, liquids and other perishable items. In addition to preserving freshness, ripening of fruit can be delayed when sealed with a vacuum chamber machine. The chamber sizes vary greatly in length, width and depth to accommodate packages as small as six ounces or as large as a side of beef. Inert gas option kits are available for extended shelf life applications. In the food service industry, vacuum sealing machine reduce food costs by eliminating excessive waste. Units can be manufactured to your exact specifications. Your custom requirements are welcomed. All Vacuum Sealing Machines we carry are heavy-duty commercial type machines. Vacuum Sealing machines can also be used for any type of item that needs to be air tight and protected from the effects of oxidation, including but not limited to electronic components.