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What are Paper Drills/Punches?
A paper drill or punch will quickly and conveniently make a hole or series of holes in a stack of paper. The finished product of a paper drill and a paper punch is the same. The difference lies in the process that is used to achieve the result. Paper drills are powered by a motor and can handle larger stacks of paper. Paper punches handle smaller quantities of paper and are much smaller in size.

What to Look for When Buying Paper Drills
Our paper drills have capacities ranging from 1" to 2-1/2", and can drill up to 8 holes simultaneously. We have both mechanical and pneumatic (air) styles available.

The number of spindles regulates the number of drills that can be attached and used in a single motion. There is a 2 drill capacity per spindle, thus, with three spindles, you can make up to 6 holes by pulling the lever once. The number of spindles you need depends upon the number of holes you wish to make simultaneously.

A traversing table allows the work area to move left to right and vice versa to allow easily shifting/alignment of the papers being drilled, making the process more efficient and the punches cleaner.

What to Look for When Buying Paper Punches
Paper punches punch between 1 to 7 holes along the edge of the document. Standard punches come in 1, 2, or 3 hole-punch models, with some 3-hole models expandable up to 7 punching dies. Manual models punch between 5 and 100 sheets per punch while electric models punch between 20 and 150 sheets per punch. The diameter of the punching heads range from 9/32" to 13/32". Some models have a power handle for cleaner punches.

While 2 and 3 hole punches are commonly used for such applications such as binders, single hole punches are used for applications such as ticket validation and test score templates. Furthermore, up to 400 custom dies such as coffee cups, scissors, arrows, corporate logos and custom shapes can be ordered for any one-hole punching purpose.