ERC Vacuum Sealer/Vacuum Packaging Machine DZ-400N
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ERC Vacuum Sealer/Vacuum Packaging Machine DZ-400N

The ERC DZ-400N vacuum sealer/vacuum packaging machine is designed for sealing contents in vacuum pouches. It is equipped with an electronic pressure sensor to assure steady control of vacuum and gas packaging functions. Plus, a letter and number kit is included which will allow date and text message identification to be embedded in the seal of each package. A great way to set "freshness" markings.

The ERC DZ-400N has a long, wide chamber with a center depression allowing for thin edges and thick center packages. It would be great for items like steaks, roasts, any kind of meat/fish/poultry. It would also great for sealing and protecting dry goods, including but not limited to cash currency, electronic parts, medicine storage - really anything that fits the dimensions listed and needs to be vacuum sealed to protect or secure it for any reason.

The ERC DZ-400N vacuum packaging is available with a manual or digital control panel that is programmable to memorize frequent operations.

The ERC DZ-400N has a very strong vacuum pump so no gas injection is required.

  • Machine Dimensions (mm): 480L. x 470W. x 350 H.
  • Machine Dimensions (inches): 19 L. x 19 W. x 14 H.
  • Chamber Dimensions (mm): 420 L. x 370 W. x 50 H. at lowest point, 90 H. at top of dome
  • Chamber Dimensions (inches): 17 L. x 15 W. x (2 H. - at lowest point, 3.5 H. at top of dome)
  • Sealer Dimension (mm): 400 L. x 8 W.
  • Sealer Dimension (inches): 16 L. x 3/8 W.
  • Pump Capacity (m3/h): 10
  • Power Consumption (kw): 0.37
  • Production Cycle (times/min): 1-2 per minute
  • Voltage: 110V. (Also available as 220V, please request 220V when ordering)
  • Weight of Machine: 84 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 106 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions (inches): 22 L. x 21 W. x 17 H.


UPC/EAN: 715727573668
Manufacturer Part #: DZ400N
Dimensions (LxWxH): 17.00in. x 22.00in. x 21.00in.