Akiles 9.5 Inch 250P Pouch Laminator Ultralam Heavy-Duty Flex-Title System



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Akiles 250P 9.5 Inch Pouch Laminator Ultralam Heavy-Duty Flex-Tite System

The Ultralam Flex title system allows it to adjust itself and maintain the proper laminating pressure with any document thickness.

Its Silicone rollers and adjustable temperature allow it to operate with or without the use of a carrier.

Able to laminate all standard pouches, of various thicknesses, composition or melting point.

Easy to use, with independent ready light indicators for on, motor, and temperature. Extra wide entrance 9.84 and exit 10.63 to reduce accidental jamming of documents, especially when laminating extra long documents, such as legal size.

High productivity its independent ON and Motor switches permit it to be on standy-by or run continuously throughout the day. Ideal for frequent and heavy-duty loads.

Model: UltraLam 250B UltraLam 250P
Throat Capacity: 250mm 250mm
Motor: Heavy Duty Heavy Duty
Temperature Control: Bimetal Electronic
Laminating Heat Range: 85 - 160C 85 - 160C
Operation SYstem: Independent (Heat & Motor) Independent (Heat & Motor)
Ready Lights: ON, Motor, and Temperature ON, Motor, and Temperature
Energy: 120/220 VAC, 500 Watts 120/220 VAC, 500 Watts
Dimensions: 17.5" x 9.5 x 5.75 17.5" x 9.5"x 5.75"
Weight / Volume (box): 13.5 lbs / 0.95 CbFt 13.5 lbs / 0.95 CbFt
Warranty: 1 year 1 year