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Acroprint Attendance Rx Network Software (250)

Attendance Rx Network Software is a flexible PC-based time and attendance solution for mid-sized businesses.

Attendance Rx Network does not require terminals, badges or time cards. Up to 250 employees can punch in and out at any networked PC, right from their own desks. No more paper time cards or handwritten records.

Control your labor costs while you save time and money by reducing payroll errors. The versatile Attendance Rx Network time and attendance software will accommodate your holiday, overtime, shift and pay period policies and offers a wide range of reports.

Attendance Rx Network at a glance

  • Adaptable - Attendance Rx Network handles two classes of overtime and 7th day overtime for weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods. No need to change the way you handle payroll!

  • Versatile - Records exempt employees' sick time, vacation and holidays. No more separate paperwork for exempt and non-exempt, all of your employees can use Attendance Rx!

  • Attendance Rx Network is useful - Real time In/Out Board. It's easy to see who's in or out of the office, no polling required!

  • Economical - Saves time preparing payroll. Supervisor can edit and approve the electronic time cards at the PC. The software automatically calculates hours worked and reports are all run at the PC. Reduces paperwork and speeds up the payroll process.

  • Convenient - Attendance Rx Network allows for employee data exchange between Attendance Rx and QuickBooks Pro. Enter the data in either system and it will seamlessly be entered into both.

    The Attendance Rx family also includes two biometric-enabled options. (Note that the use of biometric devices requires special biometric-enabled Attendance Rx software; these devices are not compatible with the standard edition of Attendance Rx software.)

    ATRx Secure PunchIn (biometric fingerprint reader system)
    ATRx Biometric 1000 (biometric hand-geometry system)

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Part #: Attendance Rx Net250
    Dimensions (LxWxH): 1.00in. x 6.00in. x 6.00in.