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Acroprint EN Number Stamp

The EN Number Stamp is a durable electric stamp that is used by businesses worldwide to provide an efficient cost-effective way to register year, month, date, time and/or text on important documents such as incoming mail, purchase orders, and shipping/receiving documents. The Acroprint EN is a six digit numbering machine with an auto advance feature. Th EN Number Stamp can be customized to print numbers up to 11 digits long. The number is set via a type wheel.

The EN is part of the ET series of heavy-duty desktop stamps. They feature adjustable printer control, so you can print on a wide range of documents up to 1/4" thick. The stamper can even penetrate multi-page carbon packs.

Accessories that can be bought for the EN machine include:

  • An extension trigger to allow printing 1/8" to 1-9/16" from edge of form
  • Reverse type for printing at the bottom of the document
  • An adjustable platform
  • Electric interlock to prevent printing when case is open
  • Uupper or lower die plates for custom-engraved message.

    EN at a glance

  • Dependable - A reliable, quality-designed motor provides the highest accuracy.
  • Tough - The EN stamps' heavy-duty construction withstands harsh environments and hundreds of print registrations per day.
  • Adjustable - Easy print control adjustment allows for multi-copy printing.
  • Precise - Electronically controlled printing assures clean instant registration. Precision typewheels deliver a sharp, clean imprint to penetrate multiple copies.
  • Versatile - With available custom engraved imprint plates and custom typewheel configurations, these stamps are suitable for virtually any time, date or number stamping application.

    Inserting a document into one of the EN heavy-duty time stamps activates the sturdy automatic print mechanism, allowing convenient one-handed operation. Precision typewheels deliver a sharp clean imprint and can penetrate multiple copies.,br>
    The EN stamps provide an efficient, cost-effective way to register year, month, date and time on important documents such as incoming mail, The ET and ETC models are identical, except that the ETC also includes a bright, easy-to-read digital time display.

    Our rugged and dependable document control stamps can handle hundreds of print registrations per day. All units are rust and corrosion resistant and are made in the USA.

    More configurations for a variety of uses In addition to our standard year/month/date/time typewheel configuration offered here, versatile Acroprint E-series document stamps can be built to order with special typewheel configurations to fit your specific needs: date only, numbers only, number and date, and custom text. (Please note, prices may vary depending on the specific options you choose.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Part #: 015G00002
    Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.00in. x 4.00in. x 8.00in.


    MSRP: $39.95
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