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AmeriVacs AVC-Series Vacuum Sealers AVCG-20

AmeriVacs AVCG-20 commercial chamber vacuum sealers offer strong, long lasting protection for your valuable products. For storage or transport, vacuum sealed items are protected from oxygen, moisture and static charge.

Just place the item to be sealed in a vacuum sealer bag in the AmeriVacs chamber and press the vac's start button. The lid closes automatically, and air is rapidly evacuated. When air removal is complete, the bag is automatically sealed, air is released back into the chamber around the bag, the lid opens automatically, and the machine is ready for a new bag.

Heat impulse duration is adjustable to accommodate vacuum pouches (bags) of different types and thicknesses.

Chamber size is 22" x 22" x 4". A single large bag can be sealed, or several smaller bags can be laid side-by-side across the seal bar, to be vacuum sealed at one time. An optional second seal bar is available, to be mounted at the end opposite the first seal bar, allowing a second large bag or additional smaller bags to be sealed during the same vacuum cycle.

Gas flush: The AmeriVacs AVCG-20 chamber vacuum sealer is gas-flush capable; the AVC-20 is not. This is the only difference between the two models. Gas flushing lets you replace the air in your package with an inert gas (most often nitrogen) from your regulator-equipped gas bottle, so the finished package is oxygen-free, yet its contents are not "sucked down" by outside pressure. This feature allows oxygen free packaging of even the most fragile items.

Air supply required: Operation of either model requires user-supplied compressed air at 100 PSI and a minimum of 18 CFM.

AmeriVacs AVC and AVCG commercial chamber vacuum sealers are convenient, high-speed machines. Built in the USA, they have a two year manufacturer's warranty. These vacuum sealing systems are in use across the U.S. and internationally, for use with food, machine parts, electronics, data storage, film preservation, medical instruments, and aerospace components.

Additional options are available for AmeriVacs AVC-20 and AVCG-20
  • 220 Volt A.C. 50-60 Hz Conversion
  • Additional seal bar (1 only)
  • Digital Temperature Control - 1 per seal bar
  • Vacuum Selector Switch (per position)

Sealer Model Seal Bars Gas Flush
AVC-20 1 NO

Additional options are available for AVS Retractable Nozzle Vacuum Sealer


Manufacturer Part #:
Dimensions (LxWxH): 22.00in. x 22.00in. x 4.00in.
Origin: United States of America

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Brand AmeriVacs
Width 28"
Depth 27"
Height 9.5"
Product Weight 118 lb.
Usable Chamber Length 22
Usable Chamber Width 22
Usable Chamber Depth 4
Max Bag Width A 21
Max Bag Length A 21
Pouch Plastic Type Poly-nylon smooth
Max Plastic Thickness 8 mil
Cycle Times 30 seconds
Pump Type Venturi
Vacuum Pressure 28.5" Hg
Gas Flush Equipped Yes
Pump Capacity 18 CFM
Base Plate Steel
Color White
Housing Material Stainless steel
Volts AC 120
Amps 6
Hz 60
Air Supply Required Yes 18 CFM @ 100 PSI
Duty Cycle 100%
Manual/Electric Electric
Country of Manufacture United States