ERC 480EP 18.9 Inch 400 Sheet Electric Paper Cutter



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ERC 480EP 18.9 Inch 400 Sheet Electric Paper Cutter

A Touch-Key Pad activated Electric Paper Cutter, the ERC 480EP is a dynamic Heavy-Duty Industrial Paper Cutter designed and built for repetitive cutting cycles. The 480EP can be operated on a Tabletop or Mounted onto the included Steel Base Cabinet. The 480EP Electric Paper Cutter has a Cutting Width of 18.6 inches and will cut through a paper stack up to 2.0 inches high (about 400 sheets) in one stroke. Front/Rear Safety Covers, Motor Driven Paper Clamp, Motor Driven Backstop, Optical Blade Placement Indicator and Blade Stop Photo Eye Safety Circuit are some of the useful features on the 480EP Electric Paper Cutting Machine. Blade to Backstop Depth is 16.5 inches. The Backstop is controlled through a Digital Display and Input Panel, moves in smooth calibrated 1/8-inch increments, extends to the rear edge of the Cutting Surface, and can be locked in position. Information input into the Key Pad can be saved in memory for future cutting jobs. The Cutting Blade and Electric Paper Clamp alignment allow for a Narrow Cut of 1.2 inches. The Work Surface on the 480EP Electric Paper Cutter is a practical 24 x 26 inches. A Safety Feature on this Paper Cutter is that Two-Hand Operation is required for Blade Action. A Base Cabinet for storage is included.

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2inch or 400 Plus Sheet Cutting Height Capability
Motor driven Paper Clamp and Back Gauge with smooth Calibrated Movement
Three-way Safety Measures
Transparent Safety Guard
Full Backstop extension
Solid Steel Blade Carrier
Optical Blade Placement Indicator
Safe Two-Handed Operation Required
Comes with a Base Cabinet for Storage

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Manufacturer Part #: 480EP