Formax 2 Automatic/1 Manual Station Folder Inserter FD 635



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The Formax FD 635 folder/inserter has two standard feeders and one special feeder that can be manually adjusted for glossy and thicker stock. By multifeeding documents in, the Formax FD 635 folder/inserter allows for a set number of pieces to be pulled from one feeder, then collated and inserted automatically, processing up to 975 sheets per hour. When one feeder empties another one automatically starts feeding. The FD 635 Folder Inserter has an Auto set feature that automatically detects and sets paper length, envelope size, fold length and double document detection. Simply load the sheets into the three trays and the machine goes on its own. The Formax FD 635 folder/inserter will fold up to five sheets together. It includes nine pre-set folds for C, V, Z, Double Parallel, and five adjustable fingers. It has the capability to seal or not-seal; adjustments are easily made via the user-friendly display. An optional conveyor or side exit tray can be added to maximize productivity.


Manufacturer Part #: FD 635
Dimensions (LxWxH): 54.00in. x 17.00in. x 29.00in.