Formax Floor Standing Two-Part A-Frame Decollator FD 524


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The Formax FD 524 decollator is a continuous form 2-part decollator that can separate two-part forms in a single pass, and up to 8-parts of non-carbon or 8-parts of carbon interleaved forms which may require several passes. Formax FD 524 decollator features include an A-frame design that minimizes footprint and is perfect in limited space. Its equipped with a powerful motor that has a variable speed of 0 - 450 feet per minute and a large station capacity. Optional paper control rods available to aid in the flow of carbonless forms into stations.


Manufacturer Part #: FD 524
Dimensions (LxWxH): 48.00in. x 29.00in. x 43.00in.