Iram 3 Inch Long Paper Drill Bit with a 3/8 Inch Diameter



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Be sure you know the correct diameter, length, capacity, and coating before ordering your paper drill bits. Please give us a call at 877.336.6877 so we can help you if you are unsure about which paper drill bits you need.

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Diameter: 3/8 inch /td>
Length: 3-1/8 (79mm)
Capacity: 3.00 inch /td>
Coating: Uncoated
Metal: Standard
Fluted: No

  • Avoid Paper Drill Bit Breakage
    Most paper drill bit breakage and warping is caused by operating dull and/or unseated drill bits which drive into the wooden or plastic blocks or strips in the base. Be sure to remove all chads in your bits and sharpen your bits after every four (4) to eight (8) hours of use or after a shift change. You may need to sharpen your bits more frequently when drilling through hard stock, fiber board or an abrasive stock.
  • Use a Sharp Drill Bit at All Times.
    When sharpening a bit, apply light pressure. Applying too much pressure may cause flaring of the tip which renders the bit unusable. Drill sharpeners are available and are recommended with purchase along with a spare drill bit as back up. Sharpening stones are also recommended to de-bur the outside cutting edge of the drill bits for better performance.
  • Keep Your Drill Bits Clean
    This is especially important when drilling through perfect bound books and glue. If the inner diameter of the Bit is not cleaned after a shift change or break, glue hardens and the bit will snap upon the next start up.
  • Store Your Paper Drill Bits Properly
    When not in use, paper drill bits should be lightly oiled to prevent rust and corrosion. Use a small toothbrush and solvent to clean the inside of your drill paying particular attention to the drive pin.
  • Lubricate Paper Drill Bits or Use Coated Bits
    Lubricating your paper drill bits allows easier drilling of varnish, laminated and aqueous coated stocks. Applying a lubricating stick such as Drill-Ease every few strokes, or a liquid lubricant such as Spin-Eze, will allow the bit to work like a coated drill bit.
  • Drill Blocks
    Use Drill Blocks to stop the drill bit after it penetrates the drilled material so the drill tip does not hit the metal base which can cause the bit to get dull, warp, or break.

  • Teflon:
    Also known as "Long Life", Teflon works great on coated papers and reduces build-up. A special process of baked-on Teflon breaks the barrier of lasting lubricity. It provides lubricity to the inside and outside of Drills Bits. By reducing friction Teflon increases the wear life of the cutting edge.

    Teflon also causes chads to flow more smoothly without binding, making this coating recommended for most normal paper drilling applications. Teflon coated paper drill bits are superior for paper drilling varnish, enamel, aqueous, and plastic coated stocks.
  • Duralon:
    A special process that merges space-age alloys with Teflon and breaks the barrier of lasting lubricity. This maintains a super tough Teflon coating throughout the life of the Bit regardless of the stock. This friction eliminating coating gives Drill Bits a slick surface inside and outside increasing the war life of the cutting edge and allowing the chads/slugs to flow smoothly without plugging.

    Duralon is recommended for most normal paper drilling applications. Superior for paper drilling varnish, enamel, aqueous or plastic coated stocks. This coating will not wear off even after months of use.
  • Titanium:
    This coating increases paper drill life up to 400%.

    This is caused by the abrasiveness of certain papers that will wear out the inner core for the paper drill faster than the outer, diamond-hard skin, creating a self-sharpening razor edge.

    We recommend this paper drill coating for most normal to difficult paper drilling applications. It is especially useful for drilling through plastics and card stock.

    Some users even report that titanium paper drill bits are self-sharpening.
  • Fluted Drill Bits
    The newest and most advanced technological breakthrough in Drill Bits. Four (4) flutes which are 1/16 inch raised edges inside the Drill Bit rip and tear up the Paper Chads or Slugs passing through the Bit. Fluted Drill Bits work best on harder materials like Chip Board or Card Stock. However, Fluted Bits can also be used on all types of paper stock. At present, Fluted Drill Bits are available for Challenge, Nygren Dahly, and Lawson Paper Drills in 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8 inch diameters..


Manufacturer Part #: IRA375400