ERC Extra Large Automatic Operation Vacuum Sealer (DZ-810-AU)



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ERC Extra Large Automatic Operation Vacuum Sealer - DZ-810-AU

The DZ-810-AU Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine is an extra large capacity floor model Vacuum Sealer designed for vacuum sealing contents in vacuum pouches. The DZ-810-AU sealing operation and lid action is controlled by a single button for repetitive packaging. This Vacuum Sealing Machine is equipped with two Seal Bars (placement and length may be customized) and user adjustable controls for setting the vacuum cycle, seal bar temperature and cool-down timing.

Additionally, the DZ-810-AU Vacuum Sealer has a wide, long, and very deep vacuum chamber that will efficiently accommodate very large packages or many smaller packages in one sealing cycle. One Seal Bar is 22 inches long by .32 inches wide and the second Seal Bar is 31.8 inches long by .32 inches wide. With this combination of Seal Bars, the DZ-810-AU can seal many different pouch sizes in one operation greatly increasing productivity. This is the perfect Vacuum Sealer for large cuts of meat and whole fish.

As a bonus, a letter and number kit is included. This kit will allow you to embed a date and text message such as an identification number or the date into the seal of each package. This is a great way to set "freshness" markings. All ERC Vacuum Chamber Machines are heavy-duty models designed for countless sealing operations. Other than periodic replacement of pump oil which is included with the unit, little user maintenance is required.


Manufacturer Part #: DZ810AU
Dimensions (LxWxH): 37.00in. x 29.00in. x 33.00in.