Stretch Film for Pallet Wrapper 20 Inch x 5000 Ft, 80 Gauge, 3 Inch Core, 8.66 Inch Diameter (1 ROLL)



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Stretch Film for Pallet Wrapper 20 Inch x 5000 Ft, 80 Gauge, 3 Inch Core, 8.66 Inch Diameter (1 ROLL)


Experience the ultimate in industrial-strength packing with our 20-inch x 5000 Ft, machine stretch wrap. This 80-gauge pallet wrap is designed for durability and strength, providing a reliable solution for securing your goods in transit or storage. The clear, see-through material allows for quick identification of contents, making inventory checks and quality control procedures a breeze. Designed for machine application, this stretch wrap ensures efficiency and uniformity in wrapping, greatly enhancing packing speed and reducing manual labor costs. Its superior elasticity and load retention capabilities ensure that your items stay tightly bound, reducing the risk of damage during transportation. This product is a must-have for warehouses, shipping centers, retail operations, and manufacturing plants. It provides a cost-effective, high-quality solution for your packing needs. Invest in our machine stretch wrap and ensure the safety and integrity of your products, no matter where they’re headed.

Size - 20 inches Width x 5000 feet in length, this machine stretch wrap is ideal for securing a wide range of pallet sizes. Its generous dimensions make it suitable for both small and large-scale wrapping needs.

Industrial strength & durability - thickness of 80 gauge, this pallet wrap offers superior strength and reliability. It is designed to withstand the rigors of industrial use, ensuring that your goods are securely wrapped and protected during transport or storage.

Efficient application - specially designed for machine use, this stretch wrap ensures a fast, efficient, and consistent application. It is compatible with most standard pallet wrapping machines, streamlining your packaging process and saving valuable time.

Superior load retention - the stretch wrap's elastic recovery keeps items tightly bound and prevents shifting during movement. This high-performance stretch film offers exceptional load retention, reducing the risk of product damage during transportation.

Versatile use across industries - ideal for warehouses, shipping centers, manufacturing plants, and retail operations, this stretch wrap is versatile and meets the demands of various industries.

Crystal clear transparency - the clear design of the stretch wrap provides easy visibility of your products, allowing for quick identification and inspection without the need to unwrap. This feature is especially useful for inventory management and quality control processes.


  • 20 Inch x 5000 Ft,
  • 80 Gauge,
  • 3 Inch Core,
  • 8.66 Inch Diameter

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