R&B Enterprises 10-Up/12-Up Business Card Slitter HS-1600



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The HS-1600 Business Card Slitter is both a 10-Up and 12-Up business card slitter with semi-automatic functions that make it very user-friendly. It comes equipped with a 12-Up format, but can easily be converted into a 10-Up format by changing the blade cassette. The HS-1600 Business Card Slitter features semi-self-sharpening blades, easily adjustable guides, and collection bins that hold up to 1000 cut cards. The HS-1600 Business Card Slitter has the ability to slit all weights of paper, including raised-letter papers, making it one of the most versatile card slitters on the market.


Manufacturer Part #: HS-1600
Dimensions (LxWxH): 27.00in. x 22.00in. x 11.00in.