Widmer 3233 P PURPLE Replacement Ribbon for T-4U (3233P)


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Widmer 3233 P Replacement Ribbon for Widmer T4U (MS-RIBT4U -3233 P)

Replacement cassette ribbon for the Widmer T4U Electronic Time Recorders (MS-RIBT4U -3233 P

Ribbons for the T4U are available in Purple (standard), Black, Blue and Red, Green. For colors other than Purple and Black, a $2.00 custom order fee will be added.

Note - there is a minimum order of 4 replacement ribbons unless being ordered with a new T4U.


Manufacturer Part #: ACT0211060 BLACK
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1.00in. x 1.00in. x 1.00in.

Charlotte at DB says this is the Acropirnt 175 Ribbon: Their part number is ACT021060 and the price is $3.45 each. I believe that is the number for the black cartridge. Put the color in the PO. Widmer Part: T4UAcro175310001K