ERC 3203E 12.5 Inch 200 Sheet Light Duty Automatic Tabletop Guillotine Electric Paper Cutter



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ERC 3203E 12.5 Inch 200 Sheet Light Duty Automatic Tabletop Guillotine Electric Paper Cutter

The ERC 3203E Electric Paper Cutter will fit into your budget and give you performance to suit your needs! This Electric Paper Cutter has a cutting width of 12.5 inches and accurately cuts Paper Stacks up to 1.125 inches high (200 sheets). It is a smaller version of the ERC 450E Paper Cutting Machine which is available on our website. The Backstop is manually controlled with a crank on the front of the cutter; it advances smoothly and extends to the rear edge of cutting surface. It can be locked into position. Cutting accuracy to within 0.2 mm. The Blade to Backstop depth is 12 inches. The Cutting Blade and Electric Paper Clamp allow for a Narrow Cut of 1 3/8 inches.

For safety the Blade Action on the ERC 3203E requires two-hand operation.

  • Features Optical Cutting line to make it easy for you to make accurate cuts.

    When making your purchase of this item, consider that we carry all parts for this Cutter and offer you support! We are in the USA and you can easily reach us by CHAT, E-mail, Fax, and Telephone. See if our competitors can make those same statements. Most of them do not and cannot.

  • Does it have a digital display? Answer: No
  • it says "Backstop is manually controlled" - does that mean you have to push it with your hand, or enter the cut size by hand? Answer: The backstop is moved by the hand crank on the front of the machine.

    Click this link to see a video of the machine being used:

  • It says can do a "Narrow Cut of 1 3/8 inches". Does that mean I can't cut, say, 1/4 inch off an edge? Answer: What that means is that is the smallest paper you can start with. You would not be able to trim anything off of a piece of paper that small. Something larger than that you can cut off the thickness of hairs if you needed to.
  • It says "Light duty". What kind of volume can it handle? Answer: Light duty meaning you can only cut about 150-200 sheets of 20 lb paper at a time.

  • 110 volt
  • 12.5 inch cut width
  • Weight; 150 lbs

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  • Specifications

    UPC/EAN: 750022110439
    Manufacturer Part #: 3203E