SCANNA Large Conveyor X-Ray Scanner RapiScan 620XR

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SCANNA Large Conveyor X-Ray Scanner RapiScan 620

The RapiScan 620 is designed and developed to be the ideal solution for the screening of volume mail, parcels and luggage items for mailroom airport, front of house and loss prevention applications. The tunnel opening of 62 x 42 cm high was specifically designed to allow most parcels, bags and luggage to be easily examined. The RapiScan 620 uses a high-resolution X-ray detector array for improved image presentation and increase automatic threat detection. The RapiScan 620 is ergonomically designed with operator comfort and ease of operation as a main feature of the system. the unit has a side mounted control unit and top mounted monitor and it can also be configured with the display monitor and control keyboard fitted into a standalone console table. The RapiScan 620 is a PC based system that can be networked with other inspection systems and can transmit data via internet using the TCP/IP network protocol system. images from each RapiScan 620 can be sent through a network to a central server PC where the images can be viewed, stored or printed.


- Multi Energy Imaging (4 Color)
- Configurable Image Processing Keys
- Baggage Counter
- Date / Time Display
- Search Indicator
- Flat Panel Monitor


FUNCTIONS - Crystal Clearâ„¢
- Black and White
- Organic / Inorganic Stripping
- Inverse Video
- High Penetration
- Low Penetration
- Pseudo Color
- Variable Edge Enhancement
- Variable Color Stripping
- Variable Gamma
- Variable Density
- Dynamic Continuous Zoom & Panning
- Fixed Zoom (64x)


- OS600
- 64-bit Operating System


- Density Threshold Alert (DTA)
- Threat Image Projection (TIP)
- Automatic Image Archiving
- Operator Training Program (OTP)
- Foot-mat
- Power Conditioner
- Rollerbed Accessories
- Dual Monitor Kit


Dimensions: Length: 1,644 mm (64.8 in.)
Width: 819 mm (32.2 in.)
Height: 1,185 mm (46.7 in.)
Tunnel Size: 620 mm (W) x 420 mm (H) (24.4 x 16.5 in.)
Conveyor Speed: 0.20 m/sec (39.4 ft./min)
Conveyor Load (Max): 165 Kg (364 lbs) evenly distributed
Conveyor Height (Approx.): 657 mm (25.9 in.)
Weight (Approx.): Net: 373 Kg (822.3 lbs)
Gross: 482 Kg (1062.6 lbs)
System Power: 115/230 VAC ±10%


Steel Penetration: 30 mm standard
Wire Resolution: 41 AWG standard
Cooling: Sealed oil bath with forced air
Anode Voltage: 140kV
Orientation: Diagonally Upward


Storage Temperature: -20°C to 50°C
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Relative Humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing

Health and Safety

Rapiscan Systems’ cabinet X-ray products comply with all applicable U.S. FDA and equivalent international regulatory agency requirements, contained in the cabinet X-ray radiation safety performance standard [21 CFR 1020.40] and the general performance standard [21 CFR Part 1010] as well as IEC standard 61010-2-091. Rapiscan baggage and parcel inspection systems radiation emission leakages are well below the required regulatory limits with less than 1μSv/hr at 10 cm from all surfaces of cabinet X-ray.


Full maintenance and back up support is available either direct from us, the manufacturer or from one of our local agents.

X-Ray Image Recognition

Basic Operator Training can be Provided on Installation. X-Ray Image Recognition Charts and X-Ray Interpretation
Courses are also available. see our training section for more details.
A smaller system, the RapiScan 618 with a 55 x 35 cm tunnel opening is available here.

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Manufacturer Part #: RapiScan 620