SCANNA Walk Through Metal Detector GateScan 150



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SCANNA Walk Through Metal Detector GateScan 150

The GateScan 150 Walk Through Metal Detector is a low cost, general purpose metal detector for weapons detection and access control. Target objects, such as guns and knives, are consistently and accurately detected, while personal items such as keys, coins, belt buckles and spectacles can pass through without causing alarm. The GateScan 150 is ideal for use at nightclubs, schools, courtrooms, embassies and visitor security. The GateScan 150 Metal Detector has a unique uniform detection field and can find threat objects regardless of orientation. because the unit is continuously active, at no time is it possible to toss, pass or slide a weapon through without detection. The GateScan 150 metal detector is lightweight, portable, and simple to install. the unit can be set up by one person in less than 15 minutes.

What GateScan Metal Detectors Offer You?

  • Uniform detection field throughout the archway. no black spots where weapons can be slipped through
  • Complete detection regardless of object(s) orientation. however the weapon is concealed on the body, gatescan can find it.
  • User friendly control unit integrated into the cross piece. no complicated user manual required.
  • Access code protection to prevent tampering with settings.
  • Automatic sensitivity calibration for quick and easy set up.
  • Multiple unit operation in close proximity without synchronization cables. ideal for event security.

    Who Uses GateScan 150 ?

  • Schools
  • Courtrooms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Sporting Events
  • Nightclubs /Concerts
  • Special Events
  • Conferences and AGMs
  • V.I.P. Protection


  • Programs....... 21 detection programmes designed to meet International Security Standards and to detect specific metals
  • Sensitivity........100 sensitivity levels for precision detection of target objects
  • Calibration........ Automatic or manual calibration. No initial or periodic calibration necessary
  • Alarm Indications: ........ Adjustable volume and tone for audible alarm indication. Red LEDs indicate an alarm and a horizontal bar graph indicates the relative size of the object
  • Volume and Tone....... 10 volume levels and 3 operator selectable tones help distinguish alarms from adjacent unit
  • Frequencies 10 operating frequencies for multiple unit operation
  • Throughput Rate ........Capable of a minimum of 50 persons per minute, not limited by the Digital Signal Processing Object speed compensation Adjustable object speed response eliminates the need to increase sensitivity in order to compensate for faster or slower object speeds.
  • Object speed compensation is from 0.2 feet/seconds to 28 feet/second,
  • Interference Rejection........ GateScan 150 has high immunity to external electrical interference, such as x-ray machines, computer or CCTV monitors.
  • Self-diagnostics........ Self-diagnostics constantly monitor the detector�s internal circuitry, external connections and environment
  • Continuously active:........ GateScan 150�s detection is continuously active. At no time it is possible to toss, pass or slide a weapon through a GateScan 150 metal detector without detection
  • Memory........Parameters stored in non-volatile RAM so no loss of settings as a result of power failure or turning off the unit
  • Construction........Constructed of heavy duty laminate with stainless steel trim and a steel crosspiece for an extremely durable and mark resistant finish
  • Protection:........IP 20 (EN 60529) rated Electrical Power: 90 - 264 VAC, 45-65 Hertz or 24-35 VDC, current draw is less than 1 Amp, consumption is 35 Watts.
  • Temperature Range:........14� F to 131� F (-10 � C to 55 �C)
  • Humidity Range :........ 0 to 95%, non condensing

  • Certification & Conformity:........ Complies with Federal Aviation Administration Three-gun test, NILECJ 0601.00 levels 1-5 and currently applicable EU directives, International standards on electrical safety and EMC ADA compliant units are available GateScan will not erase, alter, or damage magnetic storage media including credit cards, computer floppy disks, tapes, or Ic's. The effects from the operation of the electronics and the low intensity magnetic fields of GateScan 150 walk-through metal detectors are harmless to people with pacemakers, pregnant women, the operator, and general pedestrian traffic.


  • Total Shipping Weight:........ 55.1 kg (121.5 lbs)
  • Total Shipping Volume:........ 0.36 m3 (12.8 cu ft)
  • Net weight:........ 45.7 kg (100.9 lbs)
  • Coils: Shipping Weight:........ 35.6 kg (78.5 lbs)
  • Shipping Volume:........0.25 m3 (8.9 cu ft)
  • Cross Bars + Electronics: Shipping Weight:........ 19.5 kg (43 lbs)
  • Shipping Volume.........0.11 m3 (3.8 cu ft)

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Part #: GateScan 150