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The Scanmax 15 CS is the color scan version of the Scanmax 15 mail scanner. It has a small cabinet to easily x-ray postal scan letters and small packages. This version of the machine gives a clean color image of the contents in the machine on a 15" monitor with a 8x zoom. Its compact size allows it to sit on a standard table-top, under a desk, or mailroom bench. Items as big as 12" x 16" can be screened. The machine works as fast as the user loads and unloads mail. The image of the mail is stored on the screen until the next x-ray exposure is made. The user-friendly front panel features a key switch, power on light, system ready light, x-ray on light and an exposure switch (x-ray on) to assist operator. A wheeled support stand and remote controls are optional.


Manufacturer Part #: Scanmax 15 CS
Dimensions (LxWxH): 20.00in. x 13.00in. x 35.00in.