Scanna Mail Scanner Machine Scanmax 20 M



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The Scanmax 20 large capacity cabinet style x-ray postal scanner is designed for bundles of letters, courier deliveries, parcels, and handbags. Once objects are placed in the inspection chamber, just press the "ON" button, and a clear image of the contents instantly appears on screen in black and white. The operator can view contents on a video monitor. Items as big as 16" x 16" can be screened. The high definition screen clearly displays bomb components such as batteries, detonators, and wiring. Also detects hate mail such as razor blade letters mousetrap devices, and broken glass. Basic viewfinder model also available. Training and ID chart supplied.


Manufacturer Part #: Scanmax 20 M
Dimensions (LxWxH): 20.00in. x 22.00in. x 42.00in.