ERCStand-Up Pouch Vacuum Sealer (DZ-280C)



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Stand-Up Pouch Vacuum Sealer ERC DZ-280C

The DZ-280C Vacuum Packaging Machine is designed for sealing contents in vacuum pouches. It is equipped with an electronic pressure sensor and a operator controlled digital control panel. Vacuum cycle, seal temperature and evac cool down functions are adjustable on the control panel for many different vacuum pouch sizes. The DZ-280C vacuum sealing machine has a deep, narrow vacuum chamber designed for "stand up" packages. This configuration is especially suited for sauces and other non-solid sealing requirements. With an 11 X 0.31 inch seal bar, it is possible to seal up to two pouches in one operation. The DZ-280C can be configured with an optional inert gas kit to aid in product shelf life. Plus, a letter and number kit is included which will allow date and text message identification to be embedded in the seal of each package. A great way to set "freshness" markings. All Exodus vacuum chamber machines are heavy-duty models designed for countless sealing operations. Other than periodic replacement of pump oil which is included with the unit, no other user maintenance is required.


Manufacturer Part #: DZ280C
Dimensions (LxWxH): 20.00in. x 14.00in. x 11.00in.


Linus Brewer DDS
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I have had the 280 for about 6 years and it is a great sealer.

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