Widmer D-3 ATV Airline Ticket Validator (D-3 ATV)



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Widmer D-3 ATV Airline Ticket Validator (D-3 ATV)

The Widmer D-3 ATV is a manually advancing date stamper designed specifically for ticket validation.

The D-3 ATV is great for document control wherever the date is important. Having a D-3 ATV in each department keeps personnel alert to their responsibilities, and allows you to pin-point bottlenecks.

Two message plates are also available (2" x .6125") for printing messages either below or above the date (or both).

Ideal for check endorsement when the optional extension trigger is purchased.

This product is fully customizable for date and text fields to fit your needs. Prints 1/8" from the edge of the document. D-3 ATV model is also available with a removable upper die (Model D-RSU-3) when text message change is required.

Shipped complete with guide shelf and extension trigger for repetitive "same position" stamping.

Also available in 220 voltage for points outside the United States.

Maximum Height of Documents that can be inserted into the stamp and the stamp will still print: 3/8 inch. If you anticipate inserting documents that are close to the acceptable limit into the machine, we recommend you purchase the Custom Baffle.


Manufacturer Part #: D3 ATV
Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.00in. x 5.00in. x 7.00in.