Widmer T-3 Electronic TimeDate Stamp-No Clock Face (T-3)



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Widmer T-3 Electronic Date and Time Stamp

Comes with one FREE Ribbon inserted into the Stamp. Choose a Blue, Black, Red, Green or Purple Ribbon. If you are scanning in color, Purple is the recommend color as it shows up best. Indicate your color choice in the Order Notes in the Shopping Cart.

Electronically imprints year, month, date, A.M.-P.M., hours and minutes, 110VAC 60 hz. No clock face. .

The Widmer Model T-3 Date and Time Stamp is versatile, featuring high quality, clean, crisp imprints. It is compact and offers a wide variety of desirable features. The digital time display can be synchronized with the time print mechanism.

Instant trigger operation, you just insert the paper. Documents of letter size or small tickets can be inserted with ease. A new, open throat and finger indent case feature allows for greater accessibility. The depth of the throat can be adjusted to allow a selection of imprint locations.

Stamping pressure can be electronically increased to penetrate through multi-part carbon and non carbon forms.

Inscriptions can be both above and below the Time and Date line.

Maximum Height of Documents that can be inserted into the stamp and the stamp will still print: 3/8 inch. If you anticipate inserting documents that are close to the acceptable limit into the machine, we recommend you purchase the Custom Baffle.


  • Six Sided Word Cylinder
  • Military Time
  • Reverse Print
  • Fractional Minute
  • Adjustable Trigger
  • Removable Die Plates
  • Master Clock Control
  • Feather Touch Trigger

    To operate simply plug into an ordinary AC circuit. The minutes, hours, AM and PM, and the date of the month advance automatically as does the ribbon.

    The machine is locked with a key. Only authorized personnel can change the setting.


  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" H, 4-9/16" W and 10" D
  • Shipping information: Shipping Dimensions: 14 L.x 8 W. x 10 H. Inches. Shipping Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Shipping Information for two (2) machines: Shipping Dimensions: 17 L. x 15 W. x 14 H. Inches. Shipping Weight: 38 lbs.
  • Power: 115 V 60 HZ AC, 1.000 Watts Intermittent
  • Throat Depth, standard 1-3/16" to 2", optional minimum 1/8", maximum 2-3/8"

    Additional Optional Features

  • LED-Lighted Digital Time Display
  • MT-Military hours (00-23) STD sequence (09 MAY 24 23 59)
  • MTZ-Military Time with ZULU wheel STD sequence (09 MY 24 23 59 Z)
  • JD-Julian Date (1-365) STD sequence (2009 365 A 12: 13)
  • TH-Tenths of Houir (10.6) STD sequence (2009 MAY 24 P 5.9)
  • HH-Actual hundredths of an hour (10.99)(100/100th) STD sequence (2009 MAY 24 P 5.99)
  • HM-Half Minute (10:01.5) STD sequence (09 JL 13 P 5:35.5)
  • TM-Tenths Minute (Six Seconds) STD sequence (09 MY -1 A 10:27.9)
    Please call for quote. NOTE: Intermixing of above options is not always possible.

    Other Available Imprinters-Check Endorsers

  • If you are looking for an imprinter where you can change the message see the R-3 model. (Product I.D. # 12793).
  • If you are looking for a fixed die imprinter look at the O-3. (Product I.D. # 12791).
  • Want to add the Date - look at the D-3 (Product I.D. # 12792).

    To see these other products - put the Product I.D. # in the Product / Keyword Search Bar and press "Search".

    This machine comes with a purple nylon ribbon. Other colors are available. Order six (6) extra ribbons when you purchase the machine and get one (1) FREE!!!! Get Six (6) ribbons for the price of Five (5)!!!!

    Options Available on all Models T,D,N,776,776-E,O,R,S,C,E,TV

  • Engraving:
    a. One straight line, max. of 25 characters
    b. Each additional line up to 4 lines total
    c. Straight line borders
    d. Signatures (see S-3 for required information)
    e. Background for signatures (dots, broken lines or waves)
    f. Foreign month wheel

  • removable die-upper and/or lower position (RSU or RSL)
  • removable die-upper and/or lower position 776 (right side only)
  • six-sided word cylinder feature
  • six-sided word cylinder feature for 776
  • reverse print for locating imprint on bottom of document (except 776)
  • reverse print for locating imprint on bottom of document, Model 776
  • extension trigger for print locations less than 1-3/16￯﾿ᄁ?? from edge of paper
  • remote control stamping 110/60 Hz
  • fixed guide platform for correct position of forms
  • adjustable guide shelf (except 776, 776-E)
  • adjustable guide shelf for 776, 776-E
  • electric security lock
  • visual counter
  • voltage and/or cycle other than 110V/60 Hz (except QD-2000)
  • voltage and/or cycle other thatn 110V/60 Hz, Model QD-2000
  • push button or foot treadle stamping
  • ribbons 1000 tri-color (QD-2000, S-3 & CC-3)
  • ribbons 1000 tri-color (T,M,D,N,O,OSL & R Models)
  • ribbons 1016 (776 Model) single or double
  • ribbons tri-color for Model TV-776
  • blank RSL or RSU dies
  • blank T dies
  • blank O dies
  • blank R dies
  • blank S dies
  • die holder for S-3
  • blank MMU
  • lighted digital time display-LED
  • ribbon cassette for WTV T-4U, T-4U & WTV-175 time stamp
  • operator adjustable trigger for Models T,D,N,776,O,R,S, & C

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Part #: T3
    Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.00in. x 8.00in. x 5.00in.
    Origin: United States of America



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