HSM Industrial Cross Cut Conveyor Shredder FA-400CC



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HSM Industrial Cross Cut Conveyor Shredder FA-400CC

The HSM FA-400CC cross cut shredder is equipped with a wide 17" input throat suitable for large volumes of paper and large formats.
Material moves into the Electric Paper Shredder via a conveyor belt which can work alone to feed the Data Shredding machine or an operator for higher more thorough output. This HSM Electric Data Shredding Machine has specially hardened steel cutting cylinders to take on bulk paper and are unaffected by paperclips or staples. This Automatic Paper Shredder cross cut shreds up to 85 sheets at a time, cutting the material down to 1/8" by 1-1/2" particles. This HSM Electric Paper Shredder has low noise operation and easy to use modern controls makes this an excellent model for the office that has outgrown their standard Paper Shredding device.


Manufacturer Part #: FA-400CC
Dimensions (LxWxH): 66.00in. x 43.00in. x 48.00in.