Electric Paper Cutters are the most efficient way to precisely cut large stacks of paper stock. Fully automatic and semi-automatic models are available. Automactic Electric Paper Cutting machines allow you to cut stacks of paper (from 50 to 1000 sheets of 20# bond) into smaller sizes. Electric paper cutting machines

Electric or Automatic Paper Cutters help you to efficiently and precisely cut through large stacks of paper stock or card stock. Fully automatic and semi-automatic models are available to ease the task of cutting both paper and card stock. Frequent uses of these time saving paper cutting machines are: cutting corners off sheets of paper - e.g. to remove staples, cutting large sheets of paper into smaller ones, and cutting or trimming business cards. Cutting widths are available up to 80".

Paper Cutters allow you to cut large stacks of paper (from 50 to 1000 sheets of 20# bond) in a variety of sizes. Paper Trimmers are operated manually, electrically or hydraulically. Manual paper cutting machines require the user to physically lift and press down on the cutting lever or blade handle to effect cutting. Electric models have an automatic motor driven cutting operation and some are programable. Trimmers are divided into three categories: foam board trimmers, guillotine paper trimmers and rotary paper trimmers. Foam board trimmers cut standard, rigid, Sintra or other types of foam boards up to 1.18" in thickness. Guillotine paper trimmers are strictly manual, while rotary trimmers may be manual or electric. New generation electric rotary paper trimmers are now available with auto paper advance. The main difference between paper cutters and paper trimmers is that cutters allow you to cut a greater number of sheets of paper at one time by pushing a blade straight through the paper, while trimmers allow you to cut a smaller number of different types of stock, including poster boards, mat boards, foam mounting boards, plastic, film, negatives, tissue and textiles usually by a blade slicing at an angle (guillotine or rotary).