Cassida 6600UV Currency Counter with UV Counterfeit Bill Detection and ValuCount


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Cassida 6600UV Currency Counter with UV Counterfeit Bill Detection


The Cassida 6600UV Currency Counter is a Top, Front Loading Currency Counter with an Intelligent Bill Density Recognition System that eliminates time-consuming stops common in conventional Bill Counters. An innovatively engineered mechanism combines the smooth counting of a Back Loading machine with the convenient Hopper of a frontloading machine.

It is capable of counting up to 1500 bills per minute with a Hopper Capacity of up to 400 new bills.

Operating Modes include Count, Add, Batch, and Add+Batch. The Cassida 6600UV Bill Counter with Ultra-violet Counterfeit Bill Detection can detect issues with bills as well - including: Double, Half, Chain, and Size Note Detection. The 6600 utilizes both UV (Ultraviolet) marking detection and Infra-Red technology for maximum currency counting accuracy and for half and double note detection.

Cassida 6600 Currency Counter Overview

  • Counting Speed: Up to 1500 bills/min.
  • Hopper Capacity: 400 new bills
  • Stacker Capacity: 300 new bills
  • Counterfeit detection: UV (Ultraviolet)
  • Counting technology: Advanced infrared sensors
  • Error detection: Automatic double, half, and chain note detection.
  • Operating modes: Counting, adding, batching, and adding+batching.
  • Auto-start and stop: On/off
  • Error alert: Audio and visual alert system
  • Self-diagnostic system with self-lubricating bearings
  • Maintenance kit and spare parts kit included
  • Warranty: One (1) year Full Parts and Labor Warranty

    Cassida 6600 Currency Counter Features

  • Multi Detection Features
  • UV - Ultraviolet markings detection
  • Intelligent double not detection
  • Note size detection
  • Half note detection
  • IR infrared sensors
  • Multifunctional Capabilities
  • Precision counting
  • Computerized adding
  • Accurate batching 1-999
  • Simultaneous adding and batching mode

  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Dimensional Weight: 14.3125

    Cassida 6600 Counterfeit Bill Detection and ValuCount

    Warranty: Cassida provides a one (1) year Parts and Labor Warranty and LIFETIME technical support over the phone for all products.Units must be returned to factory for servicing. Inbound shipping charges are the user responsibility. Repaired units will be returned with shipping prepaid. Warranty does not cover routine cleaning or other user maintenance requirements

    A Warranty Extension to three (3) years is offered by Cassida for a nominal amount on their Currency Counters, Coin Counters and Counterfeit Bill Detectors. If you are interested click and look for the Warranty Extension under the Accessories Tab on this page above the Item description or when you make your purchase click on the Extended Warranty bullet above the Add to Cart Button.

  • Specifications

    UPC/EAN: 857287002117
    Manufacturer Part #: 6600UV
    Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.00in. x 12.00in. x 11.00in.