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Ribao Bank Quality Money Counter Currency Counter BC 900B

This item has been discontinued and replaced by the Global JM-80 and JM-90 Series which are available on this website.

The Ribao BC-900 advanced Currency Counter counts pre-sorted currency (sorted by denomination), tickets, coupons and labels at multiple speeds and creates batches for deposit or counted sets. The Model 900 Currency Counter is intended for business and financial institutions counting less than 350,000 bills per day. The BC-900 Currency Counter has three counting speeds of 800, 1000 and 1200 bills per minute. When using the BC-900 Money Counter to count old and worn bills, slower speeds can be more accurate. The LED enhanced operation panel includes a three digit batch read-out and a four digit count display. This unit also has an auto sensing power supply which allows it to be used anywhere in the world. The Ribao BC-900 includes a one-year parts/labor warranty.


Manufacturer Part #: Currency Counter BC 900
Dimensions (LxWxH): 11.00in. x 10.00in. x 10.00in.