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Leo Robot Pallet Wrapper | Robotic Pallet Wrapper



This self-moving Robot Pallet Wrapper was conceived to wrap loads of different weights and sizes anyplace, has compact overall dimensions and reduced weight in order to be handled easily (this is far simpler thanks to a practical driving system with a helm equipped with push-button controls), and it can work in only 75 cm around the pallet to be wrapped thanks to an ELECTRIC MANEUVERING SYSTEM and a complex ROTATION SYSTEM around the pallet thanks to a TOUCHING WHEELER; therefore it can work in a small working area that is smaller than the other pallet-wrapping robots.

This robotic pallet wrapper is driven by twin independent electric motors powered by self-propelled batteries, which are maintenance-free so that is they need no fill and can be recharged through an onboard power set from a standard 230 V power supply when not in use. The machine is able to wrap at about 60 - 80 EUR pallets of medium height before recharging; it is evident that the number of wrapped pallets depends on the pallet dimensions.

Leo: a little great genius. LITTLE thanks to a restricted working area, compact overall dimensions, and reduced weight, maintenance-free; GREAT thanks to high-quality standards, high functionality, and high performances. INCREDIBLE because of its price/quality ratio.

It can be used in warehouses with restricted space where a conventional turntable pallet wrapper permanently sited would command too much floor space. When not required, it can be maneuvered out of the area and the floor space used for another purpose.

  • MICROPROCESSOR LOGIC BOARD PAT with 6 different pre-programmable memorized settings.
  • Fixed Mast -Maximum pallet wrapping height: 2000 mm | 78.74 inches
  • Electric Manuveuring System: Reduces the working area even more in comparison with most robots.
  • Mechanic Brake for Film Tension Regulation
  • Film Carriage speed is adjustable
  • Maintenance Free and 2 Gel Sealed Batteries. No fill. Recharged from standard 240V single-phase power supply.
  • Reduced overall Dimensons and Weight. Approximatley 50 percent less than most robots.
  • Only up-cycle
  • Number of bottom/middle/top wraps set up on control panel
  • Pallet-height automatically detected by a photocell or predetermined on control panel
  • Minimum Pallet dimensions: 600 x 600 x 650 (H) mm. | 23.6 x 23.6 x 25.5 inches
  • Maximum Pallet Dimensions: Without Limit.
  • EMERGENCY-STOP push-button
  • Safety device for automatic stop
  • Sound and light working signal
  • The robot works with STRETCH FILM ( thickness 19 ÷ 40 ; width 500 mm | 19.6 inches
  • This Pallet Wrapping Robot needs the narrowest area to work!
  • Overall Dimensons 1150 x 780 x 1950 mm | 45.27 x 30/7 x 76.77 inches
  • Easy Shipping. No parts to be assembled. Ready to go to work for you.
  • Shipping Information: Shipping Dimensions: 47 x 32 x 85H inches | Shipping Weight 440 lbs. Class 125
  • Machine made according to CE rules.


    Pallet Stretch Wrappers


    Within the limits of the matters expressed below, the supplier undertakes to make good any construction defects that may occur during the twelve (12) months of the warranty, which runs from the date of collection appearing on the transport document.

    The warranty expressly excludes parts subject to normal wear and tear (e.g. belts, rubber-faced rollers, seals and gaskets, brushes, etc.) and electrical parts.

    To make a warranty claim, the customer must inform the supplier immediately of the problems, quoting the machine's serial number.

    The customer should then send the supplier the defective part so that it can be repaired or replaced.

    The supplier will make the repair / provide a replacement within a reasonable period of time.

    Having repaired or replaced the defective part the supplier's warranty obligations are fulfilled in their entirety.

    In the case of repairs or replacements to be carried out at the place of installation of the machine, all labour, travel and living costs of the technicians or fitters provided shall be entirely at the customer's expense.

    The supplier is responsible for defects deriving from normal use of the machine. The supplier is not responsible for defects deriving from:
  • problems that occur only after delivery of the machine
  • misuse of the machine
  • lack of maintenance
  • unauthorised tampering or repairs

  • Moreover, the supplier cannot be held liable for possible injury to persons or damage to property other than the machine under warranty, nor for possible loss of production.

    For materials not manufactured by the supplier, such as electrical equipment and motors, the supplier grants the same warranty that it receives from the vendors of said materials.

    The supplier cannot guarantee that the machine will comply with statutory legal requirements in the countries in which it is installed, and especially with those connected to prevention of accidents at work and pollution.

    Any adjustments required to adapt the machine to comply with any such foregoing requirements are to be carried out by the customer, which assumes fully responsibility for the outcome, holding the supplier harmless and undertaking to relieve it of any whatsoever liability or claims that may be presented by third parties due to the omitted compliance with any such normative requirements.

    If you have any questions or concerns, contact a customer service representative today.
    Phone: 877.336.6877 Visit:


    Manufacturer Part #: Leo



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