U.S. Paper Counters (USPC) has been in the Paper Counter industry for over 33 years and has now grown to be one of the largest suppliers of counting and tabbing equipment in the world. Located in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, a short distance from the metropolitan centers of New York City, Boston and Montreal, USPC manufactures a wide range of high-speed paper counting and batch-tabbing equipment.

Started in 1976, U.S. Paper Counters initially only serviced other paper counting equipment. However, in 1981 we designed and started producing their first paper counter/batch-tabber. It has been a success story since then with the line of counters and their options growing all the time. Their marketplace is over 40% international; therefore, USPC's equipment is "CE Certified", as required for the European Community.

USPC realizes that maintaining consistent quantity control is essential in the competitive printing market today. The smallest error in stock counting can result in expensive re-runs, increased production time, and loss of profits and customer satisfaction. That's why stationery, label and pharmaceutical printers, Government and note printers, paper mills, publishers, or any company requiring fast, accurate counting with batch tabbing, turns to U.S. Paper Counters. Easy installation, simple operation, and minimal maintenance requirements are reflected immediately in production efficiency and profits.

  • Count Accurately with Tab Insertion at Speeds up to 2500 Sheets Per Minute
  • Maintain consistent Quantity Control
  • Allow for More Competitive Quotes
  • Check Incoming Supplies
  • Maximize Press Time
  • Eliminate the Cost of Re-runs
  • Eliminate Quantity Disputes Between Departments
  • Provide Exact Quantity Control at Any Stage
  • Obtain Customer Satisfaction by Providing Exact Quantity Deliveries


    Stationery Printers

    Label and Paper Manufacturers

    Paper Mills and Converters

    Securities Printers

    Check Printers

    Pad Printers

    Business Forms Printers

    Paper Merchants

    Pharmaceutical Companies

    In-Plant Printers

    Government Printers

    Silk Screen Transfers

    General Printers

    Magazine and Book Publishers