Ribao SBC-200 Banded and Unbanded Bill Counter



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Ribao SBC-200 Currency Counter and Banded Bill Counter


The Ribao SBC-200 Banded Bill Counter is a Suction-Type Banknote Counter and high function, heavy duty currency counting machine. This Cash Counter includes a built-in control panel, LED display and Microcomputer chip making the SBC-200 incredibly fast. Able to count 100 bills in 4 seconds, the SBC-200 Money Counting Machine was developed with top priority given to cost while retaining high-quality, reliability and accuracy. Ribao offers a 90 day parts and labor warranty.

The Ribao SBC-200 Suction-Type Banknote Counter is a floor type currency counter with easy mobility that counts in bundles with high efficiency and accurate counting results. This suction type bill counting machine has the newest 5 + 3 digits LED, and clear and soft show digits. The SBC-200 currency counter performs with low noise and has the capacity of 150 new bills. The Ribao SBC-200 Money Counter contains fixable universal feet wheels providing you with a convenient movement of the machine. The banknote counter also includes a RESET function making batch counting a breeze.

The Ribao SBC-200 Suction-Type Banknote Counter has a compact desktop model and a small foot-print design which is perfect for any office environment.

  • Automatic currency counter
  • Counts up to 100 bills in 4 seconds
  • Hopper capacity up to 150 new bills
  • Batch counting
  • Microcomputer chip control, fast speed and high reliability, with a pre-setting batch function from 1-100
  • Compatible with banknotes of different length.
  • The newest 5+3 digits LED, clear and soft to show digits
  • Floor type currency counter, easy to move and shift, sound proof and dustproof
  • RESET key function makes batch counting easy
  • Fixable universal feet wheels providing the convenient movement of the machine
Counter Speed 100bills/2.8 seconds (2100 per minie)
Notes Stacker Capacity 200(new bills)
Preset Function 1 to 100 Batch
Batch Counting Yes
Shipping Weight 74.5 lbs

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Manufacturer Part #: sbc200
Dimensions (LxWxH): 11.00in. x 18.00in. x 32.00in.