SeeTech SGM-100 Mixed Currency Counter-CashDisciminator with Counterfeit Detector and TITO System



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SeeTech SGM-100 Mixed Bill Currency and Cash Value Counting Machine with Counterfeit Detector (UV/MG, IR, CIS) and TITO Barcode System

TITO - Ticket In/ Ticket Out

SGM-100 is an advanced, intelligent two pockets Currency Discriminator and TITO barcode scanner + imaging unit with multiple counterfeit detection modes - Ultra-Violet, Magnetic, IR and CIS. The clam shell styled front cover allows for easy access to sensors and rollers for cleaning.


  1. Four Type of Discrimination Modes:
    • Mixed Mode: Counts mixed currency without presorting and provides total value and piece count.
    • Single Mode: Counts a specific denomination and classifies all others to the reject pocket.
    • Separation Mode: Recognizes the first banknote and separates different denominations to the reject pocket.
    • Direction Mode: Processes all the notes "Faced and Oriented" and rejects all others.
  2. Detects and Counts all US Denominations
  3. Four Counterfeit Modes:
    • UV - Ultra-Violet Detection
    • MG - Magnetic Detection
    • IR - Infrared detection
    • CIS - Central Imaging Detection
  4. TITO barcode scanner at 900 pieces per minute
  5. TITO barcode imaging at 400 pieces per minutes
  6. MIX value count & TITO scanning in single pass at 900 notes per minutes
  7. Up to 1,500 notes per minute
  8. Hinged design for easy access
  9. Large 4.1" Graphic LCD display
  10. Preset and manual batch settings
  11. Intelligent detection of misfeeds
  12. Ability to read worn/soiled bills
  13. USB 2.0 port for communication
  14. Updatable software for new bills
  15. Optional printer available


  1. Feed Method: Roller Friction
  2. Counting Speed: 1000 notes/minute (value counting)
    1500 notes/minute (piece counting)
  3. Hopper Capacity: Approximately 300 notes
  4. Stacker Capacity: Approximately 200 notes
  5. Display: 4.1 Inch Graphic LCD
  6. Power Source: AC 100 ~ 240, 50Hz/60Hz
  7. Power Consumption: Standby 20W, Max. 75W
  8. Dimensions (WxLxH): 13 x 13.8 x 14.5 INCHES
  9. Net Weight: 38 lbs.


Manufacturer Part #: SGM100
Dimensions (LxWxH): 15.00in. x 13.00in. x 14.00in.